Leaked benchmarks reveal new iMac, MacBooks coming

Try to hold your surprise, but Apple will be releasing new MacBook and iMac computers. While we don’t have a release date yet, they’re probably not too far off, thanks to some benchmarks that have been leaked by someone playing with the new computers.

A pair of results that look to have been accidentally added to GeekBench seem to detail performance for two yet-released computers from Apple.

An unannounced iMac has its performance leaked on GeekBench.

The computers in question appear to be an iMac and a MacBook Pro, each rocking one of Intel’s upcoming third generation Core processors using Ivy Bridge chips, technology that aims to improve speed while cutting down on resources and increasing battery life.

Other additions to Ivy Bridge include support for USB 3.0, suggesting that the next Apple computers will arrive with both of the current high-speed data ports: Thunderbolt and USB 3.0.

Computers are often benchmarked to see just how fast they are, testing CPU, memory, graphics, and hard drives to achieve an optimal performance.

The leaked benchmark of an upcoming MacBook Pro shows slightly stronger performance than the iMac.

While the tests on GeekBench don’t indicate what sort of upgrades the new machines will have, there is now an expectation that new Apple computers will feature a Retina-display, effectively upping the resolution and providing sharper images and text.

Apple is expected to unveil new desktops and laptops in the coming months, with June being the ideal time during the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference.