Learn or improve your chess with Chessmaster


Ubisoft, one of the world?s largest video game publishers, releases today Chessmaster® Grandmaster Edition for PC-DVD ROM and Chessmaster® The Art of Learning for Nintendo DS.

Chessmaster® is by far the most popular franchise for chess videogames. The two new games of the franchise have been developed in collaboration with Josh Waitzkin, eight-time USA?s National Chess Champion and two-time martial arts World Champion. Author of the groundbreaking book The Art of Learning, Josh gives the player all the advice he needs to constantly progress in the mastering of the chess board. Thanks to his knowledge and the technical expertise of Ubisoft development teams, the new Chessmaster® is definitely the world?s best programme for beginners and advanced players.

Chessmaster® The Art of Learning for Nintendo DS

The first chess video game on Nintendo DS, Chessmaster® The Art of Learning gives the player all the methods and tricks to learn chess and to become a better player.

Tutorials: a comprehensive chess tutorial presented by Josh Waitzkin and based on his  famous The Art of Learning  course.

Mini-games: six original mini-games to have fun learning the basics of chess playing.

  • Minefield – Use your chess pieces to locate and defuse the  hidden mines.
  • Chain Reaction ? Move a piece so that three pieces of the  same kind are connected by their movement  paths.
  • Chess  puzzles:  Classic chess puzzles with 2 modes, Time Challenge and Practice  Puzzles.
  • Multiplayer:  Multiplayer games for 2 players using the Nintendo DS wireless  communications.

Chessmaster® Grandmaster Edition for PC DVD-ROM

The most popular chess video game is back on PC DVD-ROM! Chessmaster® Grandmaster Edition brings the chess gaming experience to another level with some exclusive new features!

Chess sets: 10 beautiful new luxury chess sets from custom chess set designers House of  Stanton.

Tutorials: extensive course on the basics of chess taught by International Chess Master  Josh Waitzkin. Attacking chess commentary by Grandmaster Larry  Christiansen.

Multiplayer: challenge players over internet or LAN connection. Play rated and unrated  games, as well as simultaneous exhibitions, join or create tournaments and  ladders, watch other matches and set up or take chess  lessons.

Famous games: 900 of chess?s most important games presented and analysed.

Source: Ubisoft