Leelou – Aussie personal safety app

100% human

Jerry Farsoun is an Aussie with a mission – to make the world safer for you.

He has invented Leelou – a free personal safety app for iOS and Android  – that in the event of a personal crisis connects all linked users (carers, loved ones etc.) who will receive information and be able to respond accordingly.

Step 1: Create your free Leelou profile linking your mobile number.

Step 2: Add unlimited friends and invite up to 5 people to be on your Safety network (Guardians).

Step 3: Share Leelou with your friends on social networks so you can help them if in need.

Step 4: Keep Leelou updated, so you receive critical security and safety changes.

“LEELOU is not just an SOS or novelty App,” Farsoun said. “It’s a symbiosis between Personal Safety and Technology with just one purpose; to make our neighbourhoods safer by giving carers accurate information they can quickly respond to!”

Once the SOS button is pressed, the Guardian Dashboard comes to life with other Guardians distance/position and specific response, the user’s battery level along with a real-time map and secure streaming audio of what’s happening where you are.

LEELOU’S privacy settings also make it stalker proof. Unless you are a nominated friend on LEELOU they simply will not know your number or, where you are; ideal if parental separation forms part of a Guardian network in an SOS.

GadgetGuy’s take

“There is an app for that” describes how pervasive the smartphone has become. This is a great concept for those who are tech-savvy enough to use it, e.g. you must load the app, set it up and have the sense of mind to use it when needed.

Leelou states the core app will remain free and has no advertising. However, the developer is working on new features and some may be subscription based. That is fine – there is no such thing as a free lunch.