LEGO Battles out now for Nintendo DS

LEGO Battles for Nintendo DS is now available at Australian retail stores nationwide. Offering a new LEGO “build and battle” experience, LEGO Battles allows gamers of all ages to play alone in Story and Free Play modes, as well as with two other friends in Multiplayer mode.

LEGO Battles is an epic real-time strategy game that takes players through six unique storylines and 90 levels on land, sea and air for a completely customizable LEGO adventure. As gamers progress through the narrative, they can create LEGO bases and squads by mixing and matching units from the different themes to create the ultimate personalized LEGO team with which to do battle.

Friends can also challenge one another on the battlefield in Multiplayer mode through wireless DS multi-card play that supports up to three people. Boasting 55 playable characters and 30 vehicles, fans will encounter pirate swordsmen fighting side-by-side with aliens, dragons battling ninjas, pirate ships launching broadsides against space crafts, and many other unique combinations. Players will discover that with a little imagination and LEGO creativity, the build and battle possibilities are extensive.


LEGO Battles is rated “G” and is available for Nintendo DS for $49.95.