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In fact, while you usually only get one character per pack, sometimes two, the rest of the little things are vehicles, making a Dalek a vehicle in the Doctor Who pack, while the Back to the Future DeLorean is a vehicle that will also be modifiable into a train (from the third movie).

This element serves to make Dimensions not only different from its competitors, but also about what the core of Lego is: building stuff, and it’s something anyone who has ever played with Lego will recall, because building Lego stuff is fun, even if you’re well past the minimum age requirement.


Playing the game recently at a hands-on with its developer, it was hard not to let our jaw drop a little, because between the cute Lego inspired graphics, the sharp and surprisingly mature writing, and the incredibly huge array of character voices TT Games and WB were able to grab for this title, there is a really great little title here, not just for kids but for adults, also.

“We’re just completely stretching the limits of what toys to life means,” said Doug Heder, Producer at WB Games.

“We’re evolving the category we’re bringing stuff in that none of our competitors have ever done before in their games.

“Honestly for us, we’re trying to create a new paradigm around what toys to life can be and what it can be down the road for years to come,” said Heder.

Doug Heder, Producer at WB Games

Doug Heder, Producer at WB Games

The moment Doctor Who appeared on screen, the sci-fi nerd in us — which we need to admit is actually much bigger than people realise (shock horror, we’re sure) — simply lighted up.

Already, at this point, from seeing the involvement of Valve’s “Portal” to the legendary “Back to the Future” movie franchise, we were thrilled, but bringing BBC’s good Doctor?

That’s something else. In fact, it’s something else to the nth level, because rather than just throw the current Doctor — Peter Capaldi — in and hope for the best, as well as the Tardis, Lego Dimensions won’t force you to play as this doctor if you don’t want.


Few franchises have had as many actors play one role as Doctor Who has, and with 13 versions, people have their favourites. Fortunately, you can play as whichever one you want, and TT Games has sampled voices from the TV shows to use as their character sounds, while also rebuilding the Tardis for each character.

Don’t want to play as Capaldi and prefer Tom Baker? Do it. Don’t want to be him anymore and prefer David Tennant? You can do that, too.