Leica’s 2012 M series cameras aim at the high and middle end… sort of

If you have a lot of money and really love your photography, you’re probably already familiar with Leica, the premium vintage camera brand that is adored by photographers around the world. Over at Photokina in Germany, Leica has two new models to speak of, targeting both the premium and even the “middle ground,” so to speak.

Supporting Leica’s rangefinder lenses, the latest M series cameras from the Germany company already look as if they’re classics, each boasting full-frame sensors and the classic Leica styling, even if the models are worlds apart.

Over in the high-end, the usual place you expect to find the Leica brand, the M Typ 240 is the new big boy, sporting a 24 megapixel full-frame sensor – likely the same one found on the Nikon D600 – as well as ISO up to 6400, RAW support, a 3 inch touch-less colour LCD, optical viewfinder, and support for 1080p Full HD movie capture.

And in the middle range…

Wait, what? A middle-range Leica rangefinder?

Seriously, Leica is producing a less expensive model in the form of the M-E Typ 220, which features a full-frame 18 megapixel sensor, RAW support, low light sensitivity up to a maximum of 2500, 2.5 inch touch-less colour LCD, and optical viewfinder.

No video capture is included on the M-E, and you’ve probably noticed the lower ISO options, showing us where Leica decided to cut back in its less-pricey model.

Oh, and the pricing? Well, if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford these, either of them.

In each case, however, we suspect the lens pricing will outweigh the heavy price tag both cameras will arrive with, so approach only if you’ve got the spare cash and aren’t afraid to drop.