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Sick of the same old slate? Lenovo is too, and it’s joined up with Ashton Kutcher, working with him to create better tablets for people tired of the basic mobile computer we’re all being told to buy.

Tablets are everywhere these days. They’re said to be the new computer, and given how many we see around the place, we’d believe it.

But so many of them look the same, act the same, perform the same, and don’t really allow people to express a sense of individuality, and so in an effort to not be like everyone else and come up with something different, Lenovo has once again joined forces with actor Ashton Kutcher to design something better.

Last year, the company collaborated for the first time, creating the Yoga Tablet, an Android tablet made from aluminium that incorporated a kickstand and a different reading grip, offering something different. This year, it’s taking that concept and one-upping it.

First is the Yoga Pro, a machine that hasn’t probably garnered as much attention as it should have, due to it being a computer made for consumers but coming from a brand known for big business.

We took a look at the last Yoga Pro recently, the Yoga 2 Pro, and found that for the most part, it was a well executed laptop offering a lot of features and performance for people who wanted something that compared to other diets really did look like it was on a diet.

In the newest version, Lenovo will be changing the design, making it 17 percent thinner, 9 percent lighter, and changing the hinge to be something very unusual and inspired by watches.

Lenovo has had it designed by Yamato Lab, the original think tank that produced the IBM ThinkPad, tapping the creative talents there to come up with that unique hinge, which can still make the tablet be used in a perpendicular laptop mode, flat to show off your work, in tent or display mode for entertainment, or flat like a tablet.

But while most tablets will be 7 to 10 inches, the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro will be a 13.3 inch tablet sporting a QuadHD+ screen, running the resolution of 3200×1800, much higher than that of other tablets and offering 276 pixels per inch for pixel clarity, roughly 50 pixels higher than the 13 inch MacBook with a Retina display.

Also included is the first use of Intel’s fifth-generation chips, codenamed “Broadwell” and ready for release ahead of all other manufacturers, which Lenovo told GadgetGuy this week was something the two companies had been working together on, specifically to make the Yoga 3 Pro the first device to use Intel’s fanless system.

With no fans and no moving parts, the Yoga 3 Pro can be thinner than ever before, and Lenovo has managed to shave the size down to 12.8mm and with a weight of 1.27 kilograms, resulting in one seriously thin product that you have to see for your own eyes.

We did, and wow, this is one slim computer, barely feeling like anything in the hands, but looking beautifully slim all the same. It’s hard to imagine computers getting thinner than what Lenovo is showing, especially with an offering of up to 512GB solid-state storage, up to 8GB RAM, Windows 8.1, and an Intel Core M-70 processor.