Lenovo plans a several day phone, but we’ll probably never see it locally

You know the name Lenovo for its laptops and desktops, but what you probably don’t know is that overseas it also makes phones, and one new handset looks to shake up the industry with impressive battery life.

Released in China – and only China at this point – Lenovo’s P770 is an Android smartphone sporting a dual-core processor, a 4.5 inch IPS screen with last year’s high resolution of 960×540, 5 megapixel camera, microSD slot, WiFi, Bluetooth, and pretty much every other feature that has become standard across Android handsets.

But there are two things about it we don’t often see in Android phones, at least not in this part of the world.

One is support for two SIMs, something we’ve seen in a couple of locally released devices, including an LG that is available now, and the other is a battery so big, it overshadows even the enormous 3100mAh one found in Samsung’s Galaxy Note II.

Lenovo’s P770 sports a positively huge 3500mAh battery, thickening the phone to almost 12mm, but giving it a boost in power few 4.5 inch handsets receive.

As it stands, the only phone available locally with a big battery in a similar size has been the Motorola RAZR HD, with its 4.7 inch screen running on a 2500mAh battery. The HD had more to contend with, mind you, supporting 4G LTE connectivity, a Super AMOLED screen, and Near-Field Communication technology, resulting in a a little over a day of life.

With a 3500mAh battery, we don’t expect the Lenovo P770 to be all that slender, but with 2G and 3G support only, it should last more than two or three days on one charge, which should make many a customer happy.

Sadly, it’s unlikely to be a smartphone we receive in Australia, but here’s hoping we see bigger batteries included in handsets in the future.