Lenovo, Razer to team up for gaming machines in 2016

Dell’s Alienware brand may well dominate the gaming sector, but the other players out there are trying to get in, too. Lenovo seems keen for a proper piece of the pie, and after producing its own gaming machines, it is teaming up with one of the heavy hitters of the gaming world next year.

That heavy hitter is Razer, a company that literally built itself up from efforts in the gaming hardware space. With numerous keyboards, mice, and gamepads made for gamers that have come out of its labs, Razer has even shown in knows what to do with sound gear and laptop computers, something we’ve seen previously from our own reviews.

Next year, though, Lenovo will be joining forces with Razer for something destined to take on the likes of Alienware’s Area 51, previewing something that appears to be a gaming tower adorned with signatures from both Razer and Lenovo, with branding, green lights, and a symbol reminiscent of one Razer currently uses mixed with a “Y” from Lenovo’s own Y series of desktop computers.


As far as we understand this, this will be the future of the “Y-Series” from Lenovo, machines that were already geared at gamers that will in 2016 take on a slightly different design from this collaboration.

“This agreement opens opportunities to advance the gaming lifestyle through world-class product in unprecedented ways,” said Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer and Co-founder of the company.

“Lenovo is the world’s #1 PC maker. Razer is the world’s #1 gaming lifestyle brand. Together we have the passion, insight and operational capabilities to delight and empower the PC gaming community worldwide.”

As for pricing and availability, outside of “next year” we can’t actually say much, but given that CES is literally just around the corner in January, we suspect we’ll hear more about this then, so if you can’t decide on a gaming box and know Santa won’t be sending one your way, you may want to wait. You know, because, there’s something coming.