Lexar boosts camera speeds with a 2000x SD card

Owners of new cameras get access to lots of high resolution formats, but if you don’t have a high speed card, you won’t be capturing much of anything. Fortunately, a new high speed card just rocked up.

Providing up to a blistering 300MB/s, Lexar’s new card isn’t likely to be for the casual photographer,. Rather, the speed on offer feels catered more for video in mind, and given that it hits the Ultra High Speed class of 3 — seen with a “3” inside a “U” — we get the feeling 4K Ultra HD cameras are the targets here.

Fortunately, there are quite a few of those out there, available from the likes of Panasonic and Samsung and Sony, among others, making it not quite a rarity to see these devices anymore.

“By delivering the fastest SDXC memory card with the highest capacity available on the market, Lexar is focused on providing professional videographers and photographers with the necessary tools to perform at new levels,” said Matthew Luu, Consumer Products Group Marketing Manager for the Asia Pacific Region at Micron, the company that owns Lexar.

“Demand for cinematography-grade video and images requires the ability to shoot, store, and transfer more content than ever on a single card, and the 128GB Lexar Professional 2000x SDXC empowers professionals to meet those demands.”


Regular photographers and video enthusiasts probably aren’t the target market here, not unless they really need the fastest memory card around for their work, especially since the price of this card chimes in at $599.

Granted, this is a 128GB card, but it’s one of the fastest 128GB cards around, so if you don’t need 300MB/s and can settle with closer to 95 through to 150MB/s, you can spend closer to $120 to $170 and save a few quid in the meantime.