Lexar connects phones and PCs with USB 3.0, offers 128GB microSD

While we love the microUSB/USB combo drives, the fact that they’re never made for USB 3.0 bothers us, but Lexar is changing that this year, and even providing a massive boost of storage for smartphones, too.

Launching next month are a couple of products geared at boosting the storage of your smartphone, as well as letting you access your PC files on the go with your smartphone, as memory maker Lexar updates portable storage for those who need it.

First up there’s the memory boost you keep telling yourself that you need, which most Android phones and quite a few Windows Phones can take advantage of.

Now that microSD card slots have been updated to support the latest version of microSDXC, many of the handsets available this year can take the 128GB microSD cards, boosting smartphone storage considerably.

With that in mind, as well as the sheer number of microSD-compatible cameras out there, Lexar is releasing a 128GB microSD card shortly for a recommended retail price of $126.74.

The card is rated at UHS-1 and will let you read files at up to 95MB per second, with the card also coming with a USB 3.0 microSD card reader, letting you transfer files to and from the card quickly, as well.

“Whether it’s on a sports camera, aerial camera, tablet or smartphone, more video is being captured than ever before,” said Lexar’s Adam Kaufman, Director of Card Product Marketing.

“With the new Lexar 128GB microSDXC UHS-I card, users can continue to capture and store high-quality content, without having to worry about changing cards or running out of space.”

Also grabbing our attention is something for a phones and computers, allowing you to take our data on the go with you quickly and without transferring it directly to the smartphone.

That device is the JumpDrive M20, a new Lexar thumb drive boasting both a USB 3.0 and a microUSB port, making it possible to move large quantities of data to a stick drive and see those large quantities on a supported smartphone.

That’s a change from the typical combo drive, which packed in USB 2.0 for slightly slower transfer speeds from the PC, and grabbed complaints from us because of it.

Now, with USB 3.0 here, you’ll be able to transfer files quickly from a USB 3.0 enabled Mac or Windows PC, and check them on your compatible On-The-Go smartphone.

Pricing for Lexar’s options in this category look relatively competitive, with $15.77 grabbing 16GB, $26.63 netting 32GB, and $48.58 letting you look into 64GB.

Availability for the JumpDrive M20 should be the same time as Lexar’s 128GB microSDXC card, which means you’ll see them in October.