Lexar gets microSD cards into iPhones, iPads

Getting big movies and photos into an iPad isn’t always easy, but a new accessory makes it fast and simple.

Short of buying Apple’s Camera Connection Kit, iPad and iPhone owners don’t always get an easy time of getting digital images and videos to their device, and unless you want to send wirelessly, it may not be super easy.

In fact, some devices may not even send the file wireless, because if you have a camera without wireless control or transfer, you may have to wait until you’re near a computer to see those videos.

On Android, you can plug in a microUSB converter to deal with this, but if you have an iPad, it should be pretty straight forward, and yet it isn’t always like that.

Memory maker Lexar may have a solution to this, however, with a small card reader made for the Lightning port on iPhones and iPads.


It’s quaintly called the “Lexar microSD Card Reader” because that’s exactly what it is, except it’s one for the iPhone and iPad line-up of products, specifically anything with a Lightning port at the bottom.

The accessory is smaller, pretty much spot on with the microSD card readers normally made for USB, but with one change: Lexar has replaced the USB connector for a Lightning connector.

“Users who are looking to capture more content in real time while on the move can find it challenging to manage that content, especially in an iOS device,” said Mathew Luu, Marketing Manager for Micron Consumer Products in Australia.

It’s not just action sports or aerial products that rely on microSD cards, with microSD cards also able to be used in SD cards thanks to the SD card converters they come with.

If you, for instance, have a mirrorless camera or video camera that captures to SD cards, you can use a microSD card inside a converter and write to the card this way. Using the Lexar Lightning microSD card reader, you may actually get images from that camera to the iPad or iPad Pro, or even your iPhone for easy chasing.

“Shooters can now take advantage of the large screens and connectivity of their iOS devices by editing and uploading content captured on their action sports and aerial cameras wirelessly,” said Luu.

“Users no longer need to wait until they’re back in front of their main computer at home or in the office to upload content captured on-the-go.”


Pricing on the Lexar microSD Card Reader for Lightning comes in at $54.95 with availability scheduled for this week at electronic stores. You won’t find a microSD card in the same box with the reader, though, so just keep that in mind.