Lexus LS 600hL – a dream Father’s Day gift

We thought we’d throw this one in for people who really, really like their dads. Quite frankly, nothing in this world would make him happier than a V8 all-wheel drive hybrid vehicle with all the luxuries of a Lexus.

The combination of a 5.0 litre V8 engine and electric motor give this sedan roughly the power of a V12, but the hybrid technology means that it only uses the fuel of a V6 or less. Then you throw in every Lexus luxury: massaging seats, four-seat climate control with body temperature sensors, fold-down DVD screen, 19-speaker Mark Levinson sound system, LED headlights that provide daylight-level vision, proximity sensors and a list of other features so long that we have no chance to list them all here.

Lexus LS 600hLThis is the fantasy car, the one that checks all the boxes on your dad’s “if I could build a perfect car” list, and it’s a present that he would never forget.

The Lexus LS 600hL goes for the tidy sum of $244,464.