LG 2020 heat pump dryer range

LG 2020 heat pump dryer range

The LG 2020 Heat Pump Dryer range have cracked a 9-star energy efficiency rating as well as upping the range if intelligent drying features.

Now GadgetGuy is a stranger to heat pump dryers, so we report the LG 2020 heat pump dryer range more as a matter of fact than an endorsement.

We have written a tutorial on What is the difference between a vented, condenser and heat pump dryer and it’s the best place to start when buying any dryer.

LG 2020 heat pump dryer range (prefixed by the letters DV)

Website here

Name Finish RRP Series # Capacity 
DVH4-08W White $1199 Series 4 8kg 
TD-H803CSW White $1599 2019 model 8kg 
DVH5-08W White $1699 Series 5 8kg 
DVH9-09W White $1799 Series 9 9kg 
DVH9-09B Black $1899 Series 9 9kg 

We are more interested in the tech behind LG 2020 heat pump dryer range so here goes.

Energy efficiency. It has a 9-stars rating, and that means about 115kWh (kilowatt-hour).

Energy plans vary but peak (2-8 pm), shoulder (7 am-2 pm and 8-10 pm) and off-peak (other times) is around 59/27/16 cents per kWh. Ergo, if you run it for an hour, it will cost 68/31/18 cents per hour.

But heat pump dryers achieve 9-stars because they use lower heat for longer. We understand that the drying temperature is below 40°. We don’t have any measured data, but we understand that one typical wash takes

  • 4/8Kg dry weight (about 20% less than wet weight) cotton items take from 120/180 minutes (2-3 hours)
  • 3kg denim takes 180 minutes
  • 2.5kg underwear takes 90 minutes


Use Wi-Fi to monitor the dryers progress, track energy consumption, diagnose and troubleshoot issues and download additional drying cycles. It can be paired with a compatible LG ThinQ washer as well.

Sensor Dry

Monitors water in the return air to sense when the clothes are at the desired dryness.

Reversible door

Left or right opening

Stacking (not wall mounting)

As these weight around 60kg, they are meant for floor month but selected LG washers can use a stacking kit.

Water removal

Via a lift-out container or plumbed-in.


As vented air is ‘dry’ and cooled (semi-closed system), it does not require external venting.

Drying cycles and temperatures

Cotton, Mix, Easy Care, Duvet, Towel, Allergy Care, Sports Wear, Wool, Delicate, Iron, Cupboard and extra

Auto self-cleaning condenser

All you need to do is clean the lint filter.

GadgetGuy’s take – LG 2020 heat pump dryer range

LG has gone 100% heat pump for its 2020 range which means it has decided that this is the superior technology to a condenser.

We agree. But the caveat always is – read reviews, ask questions and be prepared to accept two to three times longer drying times for smaller loads.