LG 8 bottle Mini wine fridge – an entertainers necessity

LG 8 bottle Mini wine fridge
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Someone needs to tell LG that the LG 8-bottle mini wine fridge is not, I repeat, not big enough! Well, not for the great Aussie thirst anyway!

Fair crack of the whip, mate; it doesn’t hold much more than a goon bag (a wine cask bag containing the wine). Jocularity aside, eight bottles may free up valuable fridge space or supplement it for a party. Oh, and two of those can be 99mm 1-litre bottles.

LG research found that 90% of Australian consumers do not know the right temperature to store and serve wine.

Australian consumers are getting creative with their spaces, investing in luxury living and entertaining guests and family at home. The LG 8-Bottle Mini Wine Fridge offers consumers a small, affordable way to store and serve wines without sacrificing quality.  

Shannon Tweedie, LG Australia Home Appliances Marketing Manager

Why is it different to a refrigerator?

Now the term fridge is interesting because it does not use a heavy compressor or coils. It uses solid-state cooling (Thermoelectric Semiconductor Module), so the device is quiet, small, and light at 497 (H) x 282 (W) x 535 (D) mm x 12kg. That makes it perfect to put on a bench or move to the barbie. It also does not vibrate (a real wine killer) and the double glazed glass reduces UV light and external heat.

You can adjust the temperature from 8-16° – the ideal chill temperature ranges are

  • White wine from 8-11°
  • Champagne from 8-10°
  • Rose/pinot noir from 12-16°
  • Reds (Shiraz and Cab Sav) from 16-18°.

Clever LG – but as the cabinet only has one temperature – don’t mix your wines as it can cause headaches. And don’t try it with beer that needs 4°.

PriceNormally $659
LG Online special $349 with free local delivery to 30 September)
FromLG Online and leading retailers
WarrantyTwo years on the fridge and three on the Semiconductor
LightInternal LED
ShelvingFour fixed (bottom shelf removable for larger 99mm bottles
DoorDual glass
DisplayTemperature indicator
MaintenanceThere is a humidity drip tray that may require emptying.
A fan circulates the air inside, especially in bringing the temperature down. The filter needs occasional cleaning.
When the ambient temperature or humidity exceeds 27°/70%, the cooling may not reach the designated internal temperature.

GadgetGuy’s take

It’s a small solid-state wine cooler with an 8-bottle capacity. At $349 on special is a real no-brainer.

If you are looking for a larger 65-bottle wine fridge, the LG Signature Wine Cellar is perfect.