New LG CordZero vac powers through your tiles with heated mopping

LG A9T-MAX CordZero vacuum and mop calming green
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LG has announced its latest CordZero all-in-one stick vacuum, the A9T-MAX, a device that comes with a powerful mop attachment in addition to a docking station that automatically empties the vacuum.

Also known as the CordZero Auto Emptying Handstick + Power Mop Vacuum, the A9T-MAX steps it up from the A9T-ULTRA model by including a Power Drive Mop attachment. This functions as a hot mop that uses a generator to fill the mop pads with heated water.

LG’s new vacuum and mop appliance comes soon after Dyson unveiled its latest range of cleaning technology, including the separate Submarine mopping attachment for the V15 Detect. Both devices feature similar price tags, with the Dyson V15 Detect with Submarine costing $1,549, compared to $1,599 for the A9T-MAX.

LG CordZero A9T-MAX: an all-in-one cleaning appliance

If you prefer having one device that does the vacuuming and the mopping, you’re the intended audience for LG’s latest appliance. Its heated mopping technology is meant as an ideal method of getting tough stains out of surfaces, with an auto water supply system keeping the mop pads wet during cleaning.

A new feature highlighted by LG, the A9T-MAX includes an LED light visible on the mop head to help you clean. While in use, it lights up to help you see dust and debris on the floor so you don’t miss any spots.

Like various other CordZero devices, this stick vacuum includes LG’s All-in-One Tower. It’s a docking station that automatically empties the vac’s dustbin, recharges batteries, and neatly stores the appliance. You get two battery packs with the A9T-MAX, with up to 120 minutes of charge on each depending on your chosen settings.

Several attachments come included, like crevice and combination nozzles to help reach tricky areas, while additional attachments are available separately. You can also connect the stick vacuum to the LG ThinQ app for smart features like filter health, battery status, and cleaning history.

Available in the new Calming Green colour, you can grab the LG’s A9T-MAX CordZero vacuum and mop from retailers and the company website for $1,599.

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