LG adds two more in the 4K space

When it comes to the best in picture quality, consumers have two choices: OLED or 4K. Each are different, and while OLED makes today’s stuff look the best, 4K is about the future, and thinking of the future is what LG is doing.

In fact, LG was thinking about the future when the brand first unveiled its 4K TVs late last year, but not everyone can afford an 84 inch Ultra High Definition TV, especially when it carries a recommended retail price of close to $15K.

To help bring the magic of 4K to more people, though, LG has announced two more in its range, adding a 55 and 65 inch model to the set, and redesigning the stand in the process.

It’s not just the stand that gets the design treatment, though, as a soundbar has been built into the TV. This 4.1 soundbar sits on a motorised controller that lowers into place below the screen when the TV switches on, and then rises and disappears behind the TV when it switches off.

“In addition to producing mesmerising Ultra HD images, the 55-inch and the 65-inch models feature powerful audio with sleek and stylish design elements built to appeal to the most discerning of consumers,” said Lambro Skropidis, Marketing General Manager for LG Australia.

Also supported in this TV is the new High Efficiency Video Codec, or “HEVC,” which people familiar with video codecs might just know as h265. We’re hearing that the technology currently only works over the USB 3.0 port in the TV, so you’ll likely want to play back your high end 4K videos from a USB 3.0 hard drive or USB stick, at least until HEVC runs over wireless networking, but it’s a start.

And that start will be useful, because 4K content is in short supply at the moment. While the LG Ultra HD TVs all support the Tru-Ultra upscaling solution created by LG to make Full HD run at 4K resolution, we’ll probably end up seeing smartphones with 4K video recording before a whole heap of 4K Blu-rays come out, of which right now, Sony has but a few.

Smartphones do appear to be where 4K will be shot from for most consumers, with Acer announcing a 4K video shooter in an Android phone at IFA, and LG rumoured to be adding the technology to its upcoming G2 smartphone.

Even without a lot of content, consumers can still get into 4K early and be ready for the influx of media, with much of it likely coming next year, including support from next-gen gaming consoles.

LG’s 55 inch 4K TV (55LA9700) will hit stores mid-September for $4999 RRP, while the 65 inch model will come in at $7499.