LG – AI for a better life. Opening keynote IFA 2018

AI for a better life

LG had the honour of delivering the keynote to more than 1,000 delegates at IFA 2018. Its theme – AI for a better life.

Outlining the strategic direction for a new era of artificial intelligence, LG Electronics Chief Executive Officer Jo Seong-jin and President and Chief Technology Officer Dr I.P Park co-delivered the joint opening keynote address at IFA 2018.

This was the first time in IFA history that LG had taken the stage. It is a position reserved for visionaries and technology leaders. The acknowledgement is a testament to the work it is doing in AI for a better life. In part, it was due to its approach – an open platform, open partnership and open connectivity strategy.

Jo, a 42-year LG veteran said the company’s underlying drive is to provide consumers with a better life. Defining this as the increased availability of freer and smarter choices in everyday living.

AI for a better life

AI for a better life

“Combined with edge computing and big data, as well as the ability to harness the enhanced connectivity of 5G, AI will bring each aspect of our lives into a seamless connected experience. Your home will know what kind of day you had in the office and will roll out the welcome mat by preparing the perfect environment for when you walk in the door,” said Jo.

Park explained three key pillars of artificial intelligence: Evolve, Connect and Open.

With the overarching message that AI is more than innovation for the sake of innovation. But, is, in fact, the very meaning of Innovation for a Better Life.

“The evolution of AI must be based on continually increasing communication with users,” according to Park

Park spoke of LG’s methodology for the development of core AI technology.

AI for a better life

 First, the company’s focus on speech recognition, image recognition, biometric recognition and deep learning algorithms.

Second, the benefits of seamless connectivity offered that make it possible to eliminate the traditional constraints of space and time

Third, the infinite potential offered through increased connectivity.

The keynote also featured leading global AI experts

  • Dr Andrew Ng, a renowned researcher
  • Matthew Perry, Chairman of the Open Connectivity Foundation
  • Peter Kürpick, CTO of mapping technology firm HERE
  • Kong Kyoung-chul, CEO of wearable robotics startup SG Robotics. These guest speakers were uniform in their support of LG’s vision for the future of AI.

Messe Berlin Group executive vice president and IFA executive director Jens Heithecker commended the keynote, saying, “We were pleased to have LG open the event by discussing AI, the hottest technology in the consumer electronics industry. I believe that attendees share LG’s vision for technology built around a user-centred philosophy and hope visitors will have a chance to visit the LG booth.”


If you want to read more about LG’s ThinQ strategy, it is here.

AI for a better life

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