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First, it was ‘Lucky Goldstar’, then 21 years ago it became ‘Life’s Good’. Today LG asks Aussies to rediscover good, focusing on what Life’s Good really means.

It has been a tough last couple of years. Devastating fires, floods, mice plagues, changes to international trade affecting exports, COVID pandemic and those damned lockdowns. Right now, mental illness is manifesting at all-time highs. The highlight of your dull, colourless and dreary lockdown, ground-hog like day is successfully baking bread at home.

‘Rediscover Good’ aims to playfully underscore how LG brings good to everyone’s daily lives through countless tiny moments, to remind and inspire them to rediscover good in their every day, because “Life’s Full of Good when you look for it.” 

The pandemic has changed the way we live. These lockdowns change our relationship with our home. We want to authentically connect with real Australians showing how they use LG products and the joy it brings. Of course, ‘Life’s Good’ is still very much at the core of our identity.

Gemma Lemieux, Marketing Director at LG Electronics Australia

Can a rediscover good campaign change Australian’s attitudes?

In LG’s case, it is part of an overall and ongoing commitment to helping Australian’s get on top of things, achieve greatness and get more out of life. And if it influences them to select LG over another brand, then so be it.

That commitment has included meaningful contributions to the local supporting bushfires and New South Wales flood relief efforts. LG has donated $1.1 million to community initiatives.

It has also continued its  LG Local Legends program in 2021, which celebrates and rewards individuals and groups in the community for their selfless efforts in making the lives of others better.

To learn more about the LG Electronics Australia ‘Rediscover Good’ campaign, please visit here.

GadgetGuy’s take

It is high time for some joy. GadgetGuy previewed the campaign – a series of toe-tappingly fun creative, reframing the seemingly small moments in everyday domestic life.

The first TV spot explores a family with Generation X parents and two school-aged children enjoying a simple yet chaotic weekend family breakfast before racing to their child’s soccer game. The way they interact with LG technology shows how their lives are made just a little bit easier.

The second features millennial friends and housemates coming together for a fun-filled movie night at home and how LG technology is part of their daily lives through countless tiny moments.

And they nailed it with the soundtrack of Buddy Holly’s ‘Everyday’ song that creates an engaging and exciting rhythm that celebrates joy and inspires listeners to appreciate the good in everyday moments.