LG borderless design now on premium LCD TV range

The ‘borderless’ design employed on some of LG’s existing range of TVs now gets a showing in its premium range, namely the SL80 full HD LCD and SL90 full HD LED backlight LCD models.

Conventional LCD TVs, recess the panel slightly within a thick plastic frame, but LG’s borderless models use Injection Compression Molding to create a single-layer design that sets the panel flush with the narrow bezel surrounding it. “The result is a uniform, uninterrupted surface from edge-to-edge, with no visible borders,” says LG.

Just 2.9 cm thick at its thinnest point, the SL90 features 100Hz TruMotion for blur-free motion, a dynamic contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1, a five-and-a-half star energy rating and LG’s ‘Invisible Speaker’ technology which locates the drivers at the bottom of the set. The SL80 sports TruMotion 200Hz, a 1,500,00:1 dynamic contrast ratio and a 2 millisecond response rate.

Common to both is with integrated Bluetooth and DivX support, as well as USB port for playing media from hard drives or thumb drives.


The SL90 is available in 47 and 42 inch sizes (47SL90QD, $3,799; 42SL90QD, $3,099), and the SL80 in 37, 42, 47 and 55 inch sizes, with pricing from $1,799 to $4,499.