LG CordZero next generation of vacuum sticks

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LG has released a new range of CordZero vacuum sticks that it says eliminates the need for a bulky old corded vacuum.

Brad Reed, Senior Marketing Manager for Home Appliances at LG Australia, said, “We know consumers are increasingly looking for portable, lightweight vacuums to handle the variety of small clean up jobs that pop up around the house, like dirty footprints on the carpet or quick tidy ups before visitors arrive.”

“The new CordZero Handstick can certainly cover these tasks with ease, but it can do much more than this. With the option of dual battery pack models with long run-time and ergonomic design, the CordZero Handstick vacuums can also handle the thorough weekly vacuum of the whole house,” he added.

While the focus has been on robot cleaners, you still need a something for that fiddly work – corners, edges, and stairs. The new A9 series may give robots a run for their money as they finally enable whole of house cleaning – at 2.7kg with the nozzle and telescopic pipe they are very light and easy to use.

LG has focused on battery life (dual power pack can give up to 80 minutes use), air filtering to remove dust (five step filtration system certified by the British Allergy Foundation), and new special purpose nozzles for bedding and different surfaces.

The A9 series represents a big departure from its current LG Handstick which is essentially a  hand vacuum that fits into a floor model.

Prices start from $749 and go to $999 for a dual battery version with all options.