LG “cracks” OLED production, drops prices accordingly

The colour crisp technology that will fuel the TVs of the future are now easier to make says LG Australia, and that means prices should drop, but while this can normally take some time, LG is trying to make it happen now.

In fact, the “now” that LG is going for is literally now, with the company’s only OLED TV in this country being reduced in price effective immediately.

“We see OLED technology as the future of television, and we believe consumers with plasma and LED/LCD TV’s will look at superior OLED technology as a real option for their next purchase,” said Lambro Skropidis, General Manager for Marketing at LG Australia.

“The new price point will bring our most innovative TV technology to more Australians seeking greater picture quality combined with absolute style.”

To make the reduced price point happen, LG has had to work out how to make the Organic Light Emitting Diode panels in higher quantities, which was one of the problems that caused OLED to take so long to reach retail over the past few years.

“Very few companies have been able to master the manufacture of OLED TV technology, and we’re incredibly excited that not only have we been able to innovate and lead in this new segment, but we’ve worked out how to produce at high volumes,” said Skropidis, adding that he feels “like we’ve ‘cracked the code’ on OLED TV production efficiency.”

But while LG is saying the prices have now dropped due to the more solid production volumes, the company won’t give an officially updated recommended retail price in this country, pointing press instead to local retailers, where the price of the 55 inch Full HD 3D OLED from LG has dropped from last year’s price of $11,999 to what it is now, $7999 (above).

With a sudden price drop of four grand, we’re curious to know if LG will be providing any freebies to local buyers who may have just missed out on that massive price drop, and have put the question to LG’s local division.