LG debuts powerful dual-core smartphones

LG announced a new series of smartphones with dual-core processors at the Las Vegas CES today, a move that should provide a big leap in performance without compromising battery life.

LG’s new smartphones will include models running on Nvidia’s Tegra 2 dual-core chips, which will also allow handsets to play 1080p high definition video. The phone is the first to include a mini-HDMI connection, allowing the input and output of high definition video.


Most of today’s smartphones come with single-core processors and are capable of playing only 720p resolution video. Beyond full HD support, dual-core processors could enable smartphones to run more demanding applications, such as videoconferencing.

LG’s new smartphones will come with two 1GHz processors, with the company claiming that the Tegra 2 chip will provide double the web browsing and up to five times faster gaming performance over single-core 1GHz chips.

Some of the most advanced smartphones today, including Motorola’s Droid X, Apple’s iPhone 4 and HTC’s Evo 4G come with single-core 1GHz Arm processors.

LG is one of the earliest off the mark with a dual-core smartphone, with more phone manufacturers expected to follow as chipmakers release dual-core chips.