LG dishes a plate of sound for your TV

Soundbars seem to be a great option for houses that want a lot of sound without wanting to spend big on amps and speakers, but the elongated size and extra subwoofer requirement isn’t for everyone. Fortunately, LG is trying a different approach.

Designed to sit under the TV – yes, literally under the TV – the LG SoundPlate is the company’s latest attempt at producing a soundbar that has minimal impact in your viewing space.

“Australians are looking for ways to create a beefier home entertainment system without cluttering the room with equipment,” said Lambro Skropidis, General Manager for Marketing at LG Australia.

“Through its ability to deliver powerful audio and sleek design, the LG SoundPlate offers a fantastic solution. We recognise this desire in the market and are excited to be releasing a product that offers an explosive audio experience and a clean modern aesthetic.”

That “clean and modern aesthetic” comes in the form of a speaker that sits at 35mm in height and sits in a cage that can take the weight of a TV, though it’s only really made for TVs ranging from 32 to 55 inches.

The unit features 120W of power and spreads it over 4.1 channels, with two down-firing subwoofers built into the SoundPlate, so you don’t need to bring with or plug in an extra subwoofer unit and hang it off to the side.

Wireless connectivity is included, too, with Bluetooth 3.0 supported for sending audio from a phone or tablet and playing it through the SoundPlate, while TVs can plug in using an optical cable, which LG is including in the box.

“At LG, we are driven by innovation and premium design,” continued Skropidis, adding that “the LG SoundPlate exemplifies this mission as it is an easy to use, space-saving solution that delivers exceptional audio for an enhanced home theatre experience.”

Pricing for the SoundPlate comes in at $599, and from what we understand, it can be used with any TV – not just an LG one – with availability found across Australia at select electronics retailers.