LG drops the price of its Full HD OLED TV (again)

Organic light emitting diode-based TVs are getting cheaper. Not “I’ll just pop down to the store and buy one” cheap, but cheaper than they were when they were first released last year, with LG announcing another price drop for its first OLED TV.

Bad news if you just bought LG’s first OLED TV, as the $7999 price — which also took a price tumble earlier in the year from $11999 — has this week officially dropped to $5999, cutting two grand out of the tag and making it money saved that you can spend on something else, like perhaps a new sound system.

This price drop now puts LG’s OLED TV around $5000 under the only other OLED TV on the market, which is produced by Samsung and offers 55 inches of curved OLED goodness, but with Samsung’s own secret sauce and a change from passive 3D on the LG over to active 3D on the Samsung.

One question you might have is why has LG dropped the price so suddenly on its only OLED TV?

According to LG, the answer is one about production and volume.

“We believe LG is the only company in Australia that can currently supply OLED TVs in significant volume,” said Lambro Skropidis, General Manager of Marketing at LG Australia.

“Much has been written about companies struggling with OLED manufacturing, but not LG. We have been able to master the manufacture of OLED TV technology, and we’re incredibly excited that we are able to innovate and lead in this new segment.”

It’s a very similar response to what LG told us back in January when the company dropped prices then, so while it could be true, it could also come from a new push to get people on the OLED bandwagon.

But we’re also curious about what happens to people who just recently spent the $7999 before the drop, and might have missed out on a savings by a week or two. It’s a similar question to one we had in January, where the price drop of four grand would have easily angered some customers, and one that wasn’t answered.

We doubt LG or any of the retailers will end up returning the two thousand dollars if anyone bought one of these TVs a week or two ago, but a drop of that much money is a lot to wipe off from the value of a TV in that amount of time.

If this is you, we’d talk to the retailer you bought the TV from and see if they can do something for you, because a different of two grand in the space of days isn’t something we’d be terribly happy about.