The LG Duobo coffee machine looks like it’ll take over mankind

LG Duobo coffee machine

Looking like something straight out of a science-fiction movie, the Duobo is a capsule coffee machine from LG’s experimental division, LG Labs.

Experimental seems about right, considering that the device takes on the appearance of a robot set for world domination. LG went as far as launching the device on 20 July to coincide with the day of the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969.

The Duobo is LG’s first capsule coffee machine, one that uses a dual-capsule extraction system so you can mix two blends together for different flavours. To match its futuristic aesthetic, the coffee machine includes a range of smart features like app controls and detailed customisation.

Intriguingly, the company has taken to Kickstarter to launch the robot-styled device, albeit setting a low crowdfunding goal that has already been reached. LG isn’t short of a quid, so it appears that the move is based on gauging public interest more than generating revenue.

LG Duobo brings dual-capsule extraction to the home

LG claims that the Duobo is the first coffee machine that can make coffee from two different capsules simultaneously. Aside from the many blends you could create from this, you’re not limited to one brand’s capsules. According to details on the product’s official website, you can use capsules from Nespresso, Starbucks, and local cafes. As clarified on the Kickstarter page, as long as the capsule matches the size of Nespresso’s Original range, you’re good to go. This would seemingly indicate that Nespresso’s Vertuo capsules used by machines like the Vertuo Pop aren’t compatible.

LG Duobo capsules

By connecting the Duobo to its corresponding smartphone app, you can further tweak the coffee-brewing experience. Here, you can adjust settings like extraction temperature and pressure, while also monitoring energy consumption. Increasingly more brands are providing ways to monitor smart home energy use via apps, with LG and Samsung early adopters of the technology, followed by the likes of Hisense.

A quirky feature the LG Duobo sports is a Full HD IPS display located at the base of the device’s legs, where you place your coffee cup. This screen shows various animations and multimedia content revolving around coffee facts, educating you about what you’re brewing.

However, this line from the Duobo website stood out: “[the display] can also share coffee-related events, promotions, and news about new coffee brands”. It smells of a way to try and serve ads and sell more coffee products to users.

Release date and price

As part of the Kickstarter promotion, you can order an LG Duovo for up to 50% off its US$799 RRP, bringing it down to US$399. All going to plan, the coffee machines start shipping in December 2023, once the crowdfunding campaign wraps up in a couple of months.

LG Duobo screen

There’s no word yet of what general retail availability will look like after the Kickstarter finishes. A space-age-styled device, the LG Duobo looks like a nifty machine for hardcore coffee enthusiasts who want to experiement with their morning brew. It does look like it wants to take over the world, though, and here’s hoping its superfluous screen isn’t just a vehicle for serving ads with a side of coffee.

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