LG Electronics introduces an enhanced multimedia experience


LG Electronics is, for the first time, selling individual home theatre components, further adding to the company?s ethos of creating convenience and versatility for Australian consumers.

Combining full connectivity solutions and the latest in digital sound system technology, the AR702 AV Receiver series includes the AR702NS AV receiver (stand alone), AR702TS (receiver with tallboy speakers) and AR702BR (receiver with bookshelf speakers), all providing powerful and quality 6.1 channel audio performance.

To provide individually optimised sound excellence, the high performance AR702 has adapted the renowned Audyssey lab?s automatic calibration technology. Audyssey automatic calibration guarantees superb sound quality that is custom tuned to the user?s room. Audyssey technology measures and analyses the characteristics of the space where the AR702 is installed, then fine-tunes the sound level of the home theatre system to optimise the sound quality of the space.

The quality of digital sound and picture are enhanced with this product, which employs HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) connectivity. HDMI can also directly transfer digital audio and video signals, which minimises the loss of signal quality associated with traditional digital-analog converting processes.

The units support various A/V formats, including Dolby Digital EX, DTS ES, DTS NEO:6 Music & Cinema, and includes multiple inputs/outputs such as 2 HDMI in and 1 out with switching, component / composite video outputs, and optical / coaxial / discrete 6.1 channel audio outputs, among others. Furthermore, the product is perfectly suited to the latest LG big-screen TVs, providing any living room a stylish and prestigious look.

The AR702 ?AV Receiver? series will be available to Australian consumers in August, and will be available in various configurations to suit the needs of individual purchasers.

AR702 AV Receiver Series

Further pursuing the digital convergence trend, the AR702 AV receiver provides versatile connectivity with multiple portable digital devices, hosting 14 multimedia and AV devices that can be connected to the unit simultaneously.

In addition, the AR702 AV receiver supports the direct connection of PCs or laptops using PC Link to maximise the quality of sound that enables users to enjoy powerful sound entertainment. It also supports a USB Host (USB-direct-play) which allows connection to various external mobile devices including MP3 players and USB memory sticks.


The AR702TS?s cutting-edge audio quality is further enhanced by the active subwoofer being powered by a full digital amplifier, which is optimised for ultra-low sound performance, providing a rich background base audio experience. The speakers of the AR702TS are housed in a wooden cabinet, providing a 6.1channel of impressively high power output of 800W (100 watt x 5 channel with 200 watt sub-woofer, Total Harmonic Distortion 0.2 %). The AV receiver transmits CD, DVD and other media-stored sound sources to its seven speakers, consisting of two tall-boy speakers, two bookshelf speakers, one surround-sound rear speaker, one centre speaker, and one subwoofer. RRP of $1,399.


The AR702BR features four bookshelf speakers, one centre speaker, one surround-sound rear speaker and one subwoofer with an RRP of $999.


The AR702NS is a stand alone AV receiver with an RRP of $699.

Source: LG Australia