LG eyes off the refrigerator space with two newbies

We’ve already seen what Panasonic and Beko have in store for us for the next year or two in the major whitegood space, but now LG is showing its Australian hand, with the availability of two new refrigerators.

Arriving this week in stores across the country, LG’s new range of fridges aims to offer lots of food storage coupled with anti-bacterial technology, aluminium surfacing, and a price that’s not too painful on the budget.

“LG is always looking for ways to extend food quality and freshness, without the added stress or effort that is often required,” said LG’s Fiona Irving, Corporate Marketing Manager for LG in our part of the world. “Our products continue to be at the forefront of technology innovation, style and now more than ever, convenience.”

“LG’s new top mount refrigerator is just another example of how we understand what consumers are looking for and are attempting to make life easier and more convenient for any size of household.”

Who doesn't like cold water or ice on demand?

The top mount fridge known as the GR-W600GS is just one such model being announced, featuring a 600 litre capacity, anti-bacterial seals to stop mould growth and a deodoriser to lessen unpleasant smells, as well as LED lighting inside the fridge, with the refrigerator carrying a $1699 price tag.

A second model joins it in this announcement, with the large 659 litre side-by-side refrigerator (GC-L247ENSL) throwing in a 3 litre water tank that can make ice automatically and offer chilled water straight from the fridge, the same anti-bacterial technology, and even a sensor able to adjust the fridge temperature to account for warmer temperatures outside.

The crisper lid has an interesting technology in place, too, with the Moist Balance Crisper using a different structure in the lid to keep moisture circulating for a longer period, resulting in fruit and veggies that don’t dry out as quickly.

LG’s side-by-side is, unsurprisingly, a little bigger than the top mount model and does carry a slightly bigger price tag, with $2599 the suggested price for retailers.

From left to right: LG top mount GR-W600GS ($1699) and LG side-by-side GC-L247ENSL ($2599)