LG adds classy Forest Green option to its laundry appliances

LG Forest Green appliances
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It’s not easy being green, unless you’re an LG appliance. Three of the technology giant’s cleaning devices recently enjoyed a glow-up, with LG adding a new Forest Green colour for decking out your laundry.

Among the appliances you can now get in Forest Green are the A9T-MAX CordZero stick vacuum, the WashTower washer plus dryer stack (WWT-1209FGB), and the Styler steam closet (S5GOC).

While the new colourway may not be as flashy as LG’s MoodUp fridge with customisable LED panels, it’s a classy and understated way of adding some colour beyond black and white.

Forest Green adds more colours and personality

I’m a big fan of companies recognising that people want to spice up the way technology looks. Anything that adds a different hue to the norm gets a big thumbs-up from me. It seems like it’s something that LG also appreciates, as explained by Shannon Tweedie, LG Electronics Australia’s Marketing Manager for Home Appliances.

“In recent years, we have seen Australians really embrace the home as a space that reflects their own unique preferences and tastes,” Tweedie said. “To cater to this growing trend, LG has delivered updated laundry and floorcare solutions that not only harness innovative technology to enhance convenience, but also complement your personal style.”

Out now, you can shop the LG Forest Green range on the company’s website and home appliance retailers. You can grab the A9T-MAX CordZero vac for $1,599, the Styler steam closet for $3,299, and the WashTower for $3,999.

While we’re not quite at Andy Warhol levels of bold pop art-coloured home appliances yet, it’s a welcome step forward for people wanting ways to express personality through technology.

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