LG Fridges on special this summer, up to $400 off

I’ve never really understood why some specials come in the form of reduced prices while others come as rebates. Well, I guess marketing types know what they’re doing. And this year LG is offering some decent specials on their fridges, in the form of rebates of up to $400.

More precisely, what you get is a cash card to a specified value if you buy certain LG refrigerators, specifically Bottom Mount and French Door models.

LG GF-6D725BGL with built-in Bluetooth soundbar
LG GF-6D725BGL with built-in Bluetooth soundbar

There are four “Bonus” cash card levels of $100, $200, $300 and $400. The $100 ones start with models like the LG GB-450UWLX 4.5 star, 450 litre bottom mount fridge in white, which costs $1449 according LG’s website, but is available at Good Guys for $1108. With the hundred dollar cash card, that’s very close to a grand.

At the other end of the scale, to qualify for a $400 card you’re looking at models like the black mirror-glass finish, door-in-door LG GF-6D725BGL refrigerator, a 725 litre model with, no kidding, a Bluetooth soundbar built in. That costs $4799. Minus your $400 card.

The promotion runs from 3rd November 2016 until 8th January 2017. You have another month to get your claim in after that.