LG GM730 smartphone on the way to Telstra

LG today announced the launch of LG-GM730f, its newest handset in the smartphone line, with advanced features that are also easy to use. The LG-GM730f will be available in Australia exclusively through the Telstra channel and will be upgradeable to Windows Mobile 6.5 when it is launched later this year.

The LG-GM730f was designed for fast and easy operation so users can experience the latest smartphone features without spending too much time or effort with the user manual.


LG’s S-Class UI is designed to make smartphones easier to use while still delivering the advanced, familiar capabilities of Windows Mobile. Built-around a 3D cube layout, the S-Class UI eliminates nested menus wherever possible, providing more direct access to features and applications. A simple flick of a finger rotates the cube so that any one of its five faces can be accessed instantly.

LG-GM730f’s multitasking environment allows users to run a number of applications simultaneously in separate windows without having to stop one task to start another. “Cut and paste” allows users to copy content from the internet and paste it into documents or send it via email.

What makes the S-Class UI and Windows Mobile combination so easy to use is that features and applications on the LG-GM730f are so well integrated. Email, for example, is easier to set up and use because the phone’s schedule and contact lists are connected. This means users can send and receive messages using less key presses than on regular smartphones. Writing and sending an e-mail to an address already in the contact list is just one tap away. Folders from Outlook on home or office computers sync perfectly with the LG-GM730f which means the information on any device is the most current one. Push email means instant notification of incoming messages, eliminating the need to log in manually and check for new mail.

Smartphone features

Smartphones are known primarily as tools for business but the LG-GM730f is capable of much more. Advanced multimedia features such as a 5 megapixel camera, MP3 player, A-GPS, stereo Bluetooth and an accelerometer make this phone a full-featured entertainment device.

The LG-GM730f incorporates LG’s signature style with a slim, seamless profile and smooth, stylish rounded edges. At just 11.9mm and highlighted by an elegant chrome band, this slim handset is the perfect on-the-go device for new as well as experienced smartphone users. Despite its small size, the LG-GM730f still manages to pack in all the essential productivity software with room to spare.

Price and availability

The LG-GM730f will be available from 28 July, available exclusively through Telstra on their $80 plan.