Specifically, they’re very wide.

“Our range of monitors has been a particular highlight in our product range in the past couple of years,” said Lambro Skropidis, General Manager of Marketing at LG in Australia.

“Last year we saw some incredible new technologies in our monitors and when we thought we were at the peak, we’ve improved them yet again. LG really is setting the pace for the monitor market.”

To help “set that pace” as Skropidis says, the monitors being launched this week are all relatively wide, offering curves as well.


They start with the UM67 series, ultra-wide monitors made for gaming that lack a curve and yet offer the 21:9 cinema aspect ratio, with support for AMD Freesync to minimise game latency with compatible video cards to help video games to load and play better.

Because these are ultra-wide displays, they don’t technically conform to standard 16:9 or 16:10 resolutions, and so therefore both rely on 2560×1080 display sizes, not quite as high as 4K, and essentially only Full HD, but ultra-wide Full HD.

There are two of these, the 29 inch and 34 inch versions, with these priced at $499 and $749 respectively.

Next up is a 4K gaming monitor — an actual 4K Ultra HD gaming monitor — the 27MU67.

The name probably gives away that this includes a 27 inch screen size, but beyond it, LG is also including a Ultra High Definition 3840×2160 resolution, with a 10-bit IPS display and support for AMD’s FreeSync technology, with this one coming in at $799.

Finally, there’s something else, something curved.


This is LG’s 34UC87M, a curved 34 inch display with the 21:9 aspect ratio again, but relying on a much bigger resolution, with 3440×1400 used here, higher than both the MU67 models.

This model is also curved, which can feel like it’s wrapping around you, with mounting the screens also possible if you have more than one, and LG has highlighted a couple of usage scenarios, such as connecting two and four for different configurations.

Pricing on this one isn’t particularly cheap, and arrives at $1699 when the monitors land in June.