LG high definition TV with built-in hard drive


LG Electronics, has released the first 42 inch (106 cm) LCD television and 50 inch (127 cm) Plasma television, both with in-built High Definition Digital Video Recorder (HD DVR).

LGGs new in-built HD DVR series (42LC2DR and 50PB2DR) incorporates highly advanced hardware and software digital TV technology, providing the components to embed the built-in DVR function within both Plasma and LCD televisions. This innovative operation allows consumers to record, play, pause and rewind programs at their own digression, allowing complete viewing control.

LGGs in-built HD DVR Television range features a continuous recording function that automatically records TV programs being watched. This allows viewers to pause and rewind live broadcasting to search and review a specific scene, an element ideal for watching exciting sporting action or fast movie scenes. Sport fans can now create their own instant replays, and movie buffs have the chance to pause their favourite flicks.
Equipped with 250GB internal hard disk memory, users can record and store up to 40 hours of high definition (HD) digital footage, or 100 hours of standard definition (SD) digital footage for future playback at a time that best suits their schedule.

The 42LC2DR and 50PB2DR provide an exceptional High Definition viewing experience with crystal clear image resolution (1366 x 768) and outstanding picture quality.  In addition, the 106cm LCD delivers superb visuals due to 500cd/m2 brightness and contrast ratio of 1600:1, whilst the 500 Plasma provides an unparalleled home entertainment experience with 1000 cd/m2 brightness and 10,000:1 contrast ratio.
With LGGs unique picture enhancing XDD engine and outstanding 14 Bit Colour Processing (4.3 trillion colours), improved brightness, colour, contrast, detail and definition is achieved, ultimately delivering crisper images. In addition, superb sound quality is realised, ensuring that the audio matches the heightened visual experience.

Key features of the 106 cm LCD television with in-built high definition digital video recorder (42LC2DR) include:

  • In-built 250GB high definition digital video recorder, offering up to 40 hours of high definition, or 100 hours of standard definition recording time
  • An 8ms response time, provides sharper, clearer pictures when watching fast moving pictures such as sporting events or action movies
  • Wide viewing angle (1788), allows the screen to be viewed from almost anywhere in a room
  • Excellent screen resolution (1366 x 768), 500cd/m2 brightness, 1,600:1 contrast ratio
  • Two HDMI inputs, which allows connection to a range of devices including DVD players and home theatre systems using a single cable
  • An in-built High Definition Tuner, enables the TV to receive and broadcast HD signals eliminating the need for an additional digital set-top box
  • Measuring at just 137 mm in thickness, the sleek and stylish 422 DVR LCD TV is available from November 2006 for RRP $5,375.00

Source: LG Australia