LG Infinia 47LX9500

One thing about the LG Infinia 47LX9500 3D LCD TV stands out beyond everything else: its so-called ‘Borderless’ design makes it look absolutely gorgeous. When it’s running, the picture extends almost all the way to the edges. There is only 16mm of black framing above and to the left and right of the picture. From my usual sitting position, the image almost seemed to be floating there, independently of any device to produce it.

But not far behind is the TV’s superb 2D performance. Despite the very thin panel, the TV uses full LED array backlighting, rather than edge LEDs. That means that the TV can exercise finer control over the black and brightness levels on different parts of the screen. The result was excellent black levels and a great contrast ratio, all the time, regardless of the picture content.

The colour was fine and there are special memories set aside for Imaging Sciences Foundation (ISF) calibration, should you want to pay a specialist to tune up the TV for you.

In short: 2D picture performance from this TV was excellent.

The TV comes with its 3D infrared transmitter built-in, and two sets of 3D liquid crystal eyewear. These have built-in rechargeable batteries and are charged up by plugging them into a USB port (there are two on the TV).

The 3D performance was adequate, as compared to presently available 3D consumer TVs. That is to say that it produced a creditable 3D effect, but one that was noticeably marred by ghosting. Much of the time, whether it was lighter images on dark backgrounds or vice versa, there was marked breakthrough of images intended for one eye into the vision provided to the other.

The TV supports side-by-side broadcast 3D TV, and of course Blu-ray 3D, but doesn’t have a 2D to 3D simulator.

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Superb black levels; Excellent 2D picture quality; Truly impressively thin frame around picture; Excellent new media versatility
Disappointing crosstalk performance in 3D