LG KG800 Chocolate mobile phone


Sleek and visually stunning, the LG Chocolate phone features a unique high-tech touch-keypad a world first for mobile phones. When closed, the phone appears completely black with its hidden screenn out of view. Upon activating the slide, the phone comes alive, and the signature design feature of glowing red arrow icons appear, completing the phonees unique look of sleek minimalism with a modern twist.

The feature-rich handset is the first product from LGGs premium Black Label Series of mobile phones, designed with slim minimalism and sleek style. With a look and feel totally dissimilar to any previous handset, the LG Chocolate phone breaks the mould in how handsets look and feel without compromising on functionality.

As the world’s first mobile phone featuring a touch-keypad, the LG Chocolate phone will become the must-have handset for those who value progressive design and revolutionary technology.

LG’s Chocolate phone brings something totally new to the mobile market, the category of the design innovative phone sector. Its unique design places Chocolate in a position where there is no other competition. It satisfies both the aesthetic and technicological needs of sophisticated consumers, said Carli Wilson, Marketing Manager of Telecommunications, LG Electronics Australia.

We can now see that consumers are choosing handsets that reflect their personality, style and attitude rather than simply choosing a handset with the latest feature, as was the case only a few years ago. The Chocolate phone was developed representing LG’s firm belief that technology is nothing without design.

Key features

  • Memory: The Chocolate phone features a compact and sleek outline providing 128MB storage capacity.
  • Picture and sound quality: inbuilt 1.3 megapixel camera and video ensures convenient and fun picture taking, whilst the MP3/AAC music player offers exceptional quality of sound.
  • Navigation: The high-tech touch keypad enhances navigation and its illuminated red backlight sets it apart from its competitors
  • Slim form factor: 15.2 mm ultra-slim slide phone.