LG Labs’ DukeBox a charmingly overkill way to enjoy music

LG Labs DukeBox CES 2024
Image: supplied.
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Of the many experimental concept devices at CES 2024, LG Labs’ DukeBox stands out as something that would be extremely cool to own.

One of the most beautiful parts of trade shows is seeing all the amazing concept devices. Sure, the stuff you’ll actually be able to buy one day is cool, but it’s practical. Concept devices are there to showcase what’s possible, even if it would never work at scale for a variety of reasons. It’s like the concept cars they used to show at car shows in the 1960s – they demonstrate the incredible things car companies could make if safety or realistic price points didn’t matter, before you went to buy a wood-panelled station wagon that would actually hold your groceries.

LG shows off classy DukeBox

My favourite device shown at the LG Labs exhibition was the DukeBox, which combined the magic of vacuum tube audio with a fancy transparent OLED screen. You could see the beautiful vacuum tubes in the box, but you could also still see and control the streaming music you were playing. It’s gorgeous as a somewhat overkill device to display a digital fireplace, a good (if small screen) way to watch a movie, or a beautiful way to experience old-school premium audio quality with all the modern trimmings.

Perhaps more practical is the Bon Voyage, a camping trailer for people who like the idea of sleeping outside, but can’t bear the thought of being away from the creature comforts of home. The Bon Voyage is 2m wide, 3.8m long and 2.2m tall, and thus designed to be furnished with a wide variety of LG products. It’ll hold a bed, fridge, electric stove, and water purifier, which are all normal (if slightly fancy) caravan accessories. It’s the included Styler (wardrobe that steams your clothes) and shoe care products that have me suddenly thinking that maybe camping might not be so bad.

LG Labs Bon Voyage CES 2024
Image: supplied.

Other products, like the sci-fi-themed Duobo coffee machine, were less practical. The rest of the exhibition included the LG CineBeam Qube, LG Gram Fold, LG XBOOM, LG StanbyMe Go, LG Tiiun Mini and brid.zzz (those ‘Zs’ are not a typo).

Some of these products, like the LG StanbyMe Go are actually available, if you’d like to be able to carry around a TV in a briefcase. We’re unlikely to see the rest of them in store any time soon, though, so enjoy the whimsy while you can.

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