LG makes digital paper a reality, could change newspapers and clothing

Imagine never needing to buy a newspaper again and having everything update one single piece of paper? It could soon be a reality, with LG showing off a development that makes electronic paper into more than just science fiction.

LG has this week showed the world’s first electronic paper display, a 6 inch sheet of plastic that is 0.7mm thin and displays the same resolution as the iPad 2 (1024×768).

“Based on our success in mass-producing plastic EPD, we are excited as we look toward applying concepts from this experience to future developments like plastic OLED and flexible displays,” said Mr. Sang Duck Yeo, the Head of Operations for LG’s Mobile Display and OLED division.

The technology offers the quality of electronic ink seen on eBook readers like the Kindle and Kobo, but in a thinner and lighter form.

LG’s plastic display is – like the Australian plastic currency – bendable, offering a display that doesn’t need to be held in a rigid position.

Electronic paper display technology has the potential to change newspapers and magazines, but more than that, it could even affect the world of fashion, providing programmable clothing that can be updated with different patterns. We’re sure there are some designers that could imagine paid updates for digital clothing long term, affording an easy way to update apparel.

Products utilising this technology are expected to be shown within the next few months, so stay tuned to see what will happen.