LG makes the kitchen smarter, the fridge cooler

While Samsung finds ways to make the TV smarter, LG is trying to boost the intelligent of kitchen whitegoods, adding WiFi, energy monitor software, and even a cool new addition to fridges called “Blast Chiller”.

Originally previewed a year ago, LG’s Smart appliance range sits under the ThinQ brand, offering technology aimed at helping consumers monitor their energy consumption and food management using smartphones, computers, and of course the appliances.

In fact, LG’s Smart refrigerator appears to be an evolution of the original Internet fridge that LG debuted many years ago, bringing the LCD screen back to the fridge with some smarts to show what food is inside and when it will expire.

LG’s French-door fridge is made even better with the “Blast Chiller”, a new concept that has won LG one of the CES 2012 Best of Innovations awards. This addition is a small compartment able to cool a can of drink in a little under five minutes.

Meanwhile, LG’s Home Energy Management System (HeMS) aims to let you take a peek at what sort of dent your new appliances are making on your electricity bill. Access is available on smartphones and computers (above), enabling you to see easily how much energy each Smart appliance is using, and allowing you to adjust what’s going on where needed.

The appliances are also ready for Smart Grid, a technology that allows appliances to be modified to adjust to changing energy rates and save money. Electricity companies need to add this locally for it to be usable, but it’s a good step in helping to cut down those increasing bills.

Both ThinQ and HeMS will be rolled out to new Smart LG appliances this year, with the company expected to release at least one oven, refrigerator, washing machine, and vacuum cleaner with the new technology inside.

Need a cold drink in a jiffy? Blast Chiller is LG's answer.



No word on Australian availability or local release date, but we’ll let you know as soon as we know.