LG mops up with the CordZero A9 Ultimate

A9 Ultimate
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LG’s highly successful CordZero A9 series now has a mop option – the A9 Ultimate.

The LG A9 Ultimate Power Drive Mop utilises two washable and reusable counter rotating pads

A9 Ultimate

The CordZero A9 (review here) is one of our favourite stick vacuum cleaners and is well ahead of the pack with its dual battery, high-quality build and cleaning capabilities – it’s a keeper.

The LG CordZeroA9 Ultimate (website here) includes the Power Drive Mop as well as the other A9 accessories.

The A9 Ultimate will mop, polish or suck

It has settings for 6/8/off-seconds water shots as well as vacuum suction to clean hard floors including tiles and timber (you should check if your timber has a mop recommendation – most are fine with light sprays).

Water comes from a refillable clip on tank. Alternatively, if the water is off, it can dry polish.

LG has not released tank capacity or square metre coverage, but we expect that it should cover about 50-75m2 – the kitchen and a couple of bathrooms. You can refill the tank easily. The mop head adds about 700g to the 2kg A9 weight.

We assume that the mop head also uses more power so expect about 10 minutes per battery charge.

Brad Reed, Senior Marketing Manager for Home Appliances at LG Australia, says,

“Following the last year’s launch and success of our 2018 ‘CHOICE recommended’ CordZero Handstick range, we have now taken everything great about the current CordZero models, and made it even better and more versatile. Understanding that many Australian homes feature large areas of hard floor surfaces, from terracotta tiles to natural wood, the damp mopping and vacuuming solution offered by the ‘A9 Ultimate’ is predicted to be a convenient, easy to use and highly effective way to clean a range of floor types around the home.” he added.

The A9 Ultimate CordZero is $1,199 and joins other new products including the A9 Advanced ($1,099), A9 Master 2X ($999), A9 Multi 2X ($899) and the A9 Essential $799. Astute shoppers may find it about 10% less online.

Available from Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, JB Hi-Fi, Bing Lee, Betta Stores, David Jones, Retravision, RT Edwards and Myer.

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A9 Ultimate