LG OLED M4 TV cuts living room cables via a big black box

LG OLED M4 wireless TF global launch
Image: LG.
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Wireless TV technology is another step closer to living rooms across the world following the launch of the LG OLED M4 TV overseas.

Shown off at CES 2024, the TV uses a separate box, called the Zero Connect Box, to transmit inputs wirelessly. This means you don’t need to run cables from your Blu-Ray player, PlayStation, or whatever else directly into your TV. Instead, you can place the box elsewhere in the room, freeing up your viewing area.

To be clear, you still need to plug the TV into a power outlet. So, it’s not entirely “wireless” per se, but there are far fewer wires involved as far as the TV is concerned.

Seemingly a pointed reference towards Samsung’s One Connect Box, which relies on a solitary cable between TV and transmitter, LG claims its Zero Connect Box and OLED M4 combo is the first to enable wireless video and audio content in 4K 144Hz.

LG’s premium-level TV uses the same Alpha 11 processor as the G4 OLED model, which is said to improve upscaling and overall picture performance. Like the rest of the brand’s range, it runs on the company’s webOS platform, which now has broader compatibility with technologies including Chromecast.

LG Zero Connect Box M4 OLED TV
LG’s Zero Connect Box. Image: LG.

An indication that this level of wireless TV technology is getting closer to mainstream use is the range of sizes. The M4 comes in 65, 77, 83, and 97 inches – previous iterations didn’t include a 65-inch model. Recent research from Samsung found that 42% of Australians own TVs 60 inches or larger, but the figure drops to 11% once you hit 75 inches and above.

How much does the LG OLED M4 TV cost?

Here’s the kicker: we don’t yet have confirmation of the wireless TV’s price, or even availability, in Australia. Most overseas regions don’t have product listings yet, indicative of how fresh the global rollout is.

According to a listing on LG’s Hong Kong website, the 65-inch M4 costs HK$44,980, roughly converting to $8,600 in Australian dollars. For comparison, the full retail price of the 65-inch G4 model is $5,299.

It’s also worth considering that Australian pricing is rarely a matter of simple currency conversions, so expect the cost of bringing product down under to be factored in. I’ve contacted LG for comment and will update this article with further information.

Wireless TV technology might still be a bit pricey for the mass market, but cable-free living rooms are nearing reality.

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