LG on-track for flat 4K OLED TVs

So you think OLED might be the future of TVs, but you’re not down for that whole curved thing? No worries, because at a preview of what LG plans to show at IFA, the company has shown it’ll support both kind of television.

And by both kinds, we of course mean flat and curved.

Next week at the IFA conference in Germany, LG has hinted that it will be showing the world’s first flat Ultra HD OLED TVs, likely existing in both 55 and 65 inch sizes, similar to the current curved 4K OLED TVs the company has released locally.

Like the curved variant we checked out only too recently, these will be thin, with super slim bezels, LG’s own WebOS 2.0 operating system, and even inclusion of Harman/Kardon speakers.

“Anyone who sees our newest TVs at this year’s IFA will walk away without a shred of doubt that HDR and OLED complement each other perfectly,” said LG’s Lee In-kyu.

“Our expanded 4K OLED TV lineup will demonstrate to consumers that OLED is here to stay and that LG is committed to leading the next generation TV market.”


Unfortunately, there is no word on local pricing or even availability, and LG’s Australian arm hasn’t even chimed in on this one, with this information coming from LG overseas.

That said, Australia is one of the first places the curved 4K OLED TVs arrived at, so it’s only a natural expectation that we’ll be there with the flat ones, too, so we’ll let you know when there’s more information about the products and availability of said products.