LG plasma TVs with in-built digital video recorders

LG Electronics has announced the latest addition to its 2009 range of plasma TVs featuring a distinctive frameless design and unique built-in Time Machine functionality. Coupling stylish design with smart technology, the PS80 and PS70 series offer consumers a Full HD viewing experience with the added benefit of being able to pause, rewind and record live TV.

LG’s two new plasma TV series (PS70 and PS80) put consumers in control of their TV viewing. With built-in DVRs, consumers will never miss their favourite TV shows. With the click of a button on the remote control, broadcast can be recorded using the DVR that includes 250GB hard drive storage (PS80 only), storing either 23 hours of high-definition or 57 hours of standard-definition programs. To increase storage, simply connect an external hard drive of 40GB or more through the TV’s Time Machine Link USB port to expand the recording capacity (PS80 & PS70).

With LG’s Timer Recording and Simultaneous Watch & Record function, the fight over the remote control is the thing of the past. Based on a built-in seven day EPG, viewers can record their favourite programs by programming scheduled recordings. LG’s Time Machine TV also allows consumers to watch one channel, whilst recording another channel simultaneously. Time Machine TVs can record live programs for up to two hours, whilst enabling pausing, rewinding and even instant slow motion of live broadcast. In addition, viewers can easily access the recorded content through the thumbnail browsers in the TVs, reducing the time spent searching through recorded programs.

The PS80 is an all rounder with built-in 250GB hard drive and Time Machine function. In order to experience all the Time Shift and DVR functions of the PS70 Time Machine TV, simply connect an external HDD of 40GB and above.

The PS80 and PS70 display recorded images at a 2,000,000:1 mega contrast ratio, demonstrating excellence in both the digital technology and the picture quality. Colours on display are more natural with the HDMITM (v.1.3 with Deep Colour), which eliminates on-screen colour banding for smoother tonal transitions and subtle graduations. The Time Machine series also use the latest generation of panel technology for improved brightness, reduced reflectivity and a fast response time with 600Hz Max Sub-field Driving technology* for an incredible viewing experience.

In consideration of the environment, the plasma TVs consumes less energy by controlling the brightness with its backlight control technology. The Screen-Off feature turns off the screen, while keeping the sound alive. Mechanical Switch-Off sets the TV to a power saving mode, where near zero electricity is used. The Intelligent Sensor measures the brightness of the surrounding environment and then automatically adjusts the brightness of the picture on screen to provide the ideal image at all times.

LG’s Time Machine TVs are effective with both live TV and other devices. The USB 2.0 connection enables simpler and faster access to the multimedia library. The Plug and Play (PnP) feature easily connects to digital cameras, camcorders and MP3 players, enabling automatic access to a wide variety of media, such as music or pictures. LG’s plasma TVs play JPEG and MP3 files through the USB 2.0 port, but the compatibility extends to HD DivX, playing a wide range of moving pictures off the web. In addition, the PS70 and PS80 both have four HDMI ports that enable additional connections to a game console, DVD player or digital camera, further enriching the multimedia experience.

Price and availability

LG’s new Full HD plasma TVs (50 & 60 inch PS70 and 50 inch PS80) are available now. The 50PS70FD has an RRP of $3,299, the 60PS70FD $5,999, and the 50PS80ED $3,699.