LG preps a new friend for your wardrobe in the form of the suit-refreshing Styler

If your suit, shirt, coat or sweater are in constant need of a revival, with a splash of cologne or spray of deodoriser, you may end up needing a new gadget LG hopes to throw into your bedroom shortly.

It’s called the Styler, and it’s not so much a new gadget, but rather an updated model of something we saw two years ago at CES in 2013.

Back then, we described it as a tiny version of a dry cleaner for your home, drying clothes that don’t normally take the conventional tumble dry process well, and also adding a scent to make the clothes smell all good again.

This year, LG’s Styler plans to offer the same features and a few more, while decreasing the size. As from before, there’s an “odour removal” function to take out the scents left by food, sweat, and even smoke, while the drying is handled through a heat pump that generates warm air while the hangers are shaken to remove any wrinkles.

More than drying and scenting, clothes will be sterilised using LG’s TrueSteam technology, found in its washer dryer combo from last year, as well as dishwashers from the past two years. The technology relies on strong pressure jets of steam to remove germs and dirt, and in the Styler, LG says this technology should be useful in getting rid of bacteria found in clothes.

“The busier our lives become, the more difficult it is to take proper care of our wardrobe,” said Seong-jin Jo, President and CEO of the LG Home Appliance and Air Solution Company.

“The LG Styler helps consumers take greater control over their wardrobe and is a great alternative to such services and keeps coats, sweaters, blouses and other delicate articles of clothing looking and feeling their best.”

We’re told the size is also smaller, reduced by around 30 percent, and it’s quieter now too, but Australians aren’t likely to know this given that the original was never widely released locally.

This model might see release in Australia, though LG’s local arm has told GadgetGuy that availability for our market is “yet to be determined”, though we’re sure those of you who really want this sort of gadget will find a way to bring it in when LG releases it in other places later this year.