LG previews the G5 with an always-on screen

Not a fan of being forced to switch on your screen to check notifications? LG might have a solution coming in a new phone.

Announced on Facebook ahead of anywhere else, LG is giving people a glimpse at what could possibly be the next flagship from the company with a screen that is apparently always on.

That’s not to say that you’ll be getting a bright and colourful screen all the time, but rather that LG’s next G-series phone, the anticipated G5, will always show the time and your notification count whenever you glance down at it, with the information appearing in monochrome.

LG wouldn’t be the first to try something like this, as Motorola’s X series and the most recent incarnation of the G series included something similar in the form of “active display”, a technology that switched on various sections of the screen when you nudged the phone or removed it from your pocket, turning on notifications and the time in monochrome.


Motorola’s technology wasn’t the same as an always-on display, but it is very similar, and we suspect this will be a similar concept.

We’ll certainly know more soon enough, including what that new shape is for the phone, because the little else that can be gleaned from the LG G5 suggests a departure from the shape of the phone, unless this is a red herring.

With Mobile World Congress set to start in the next couple of weeks, we won’t have to wait long to find out, and neither will you, it seems.