LG launches new sub-$1,000 robot vacuums to tidy your home

LG R3-Prime R5-Pro vacuum cleaners
Pictured: LG R3-Prime (top-left), LG R5-Pro (bottom-right).
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Of all the smart home appliances available, robot vacuums are among the most popular. Which makes sense – who wants to spend hours vacuuming the house when a robot could do it for you? Adding to the growing segment, LG has launched three new robot vacuum models of its own in Australia: the R3-Prime, R5-Pro and R5T-Auto.

Both the R3 and R5-Pro are sub-$1,000 devices that vacuum and mop at the same time. Although full details have yet to be confirmed regarding the R5T-Auto, it’ll include an auto-empty tower akin to LG’s CordZero stick vacuum range. Like various models from competing brands Ecovacs and Roborock, the auto-empty station means you don’t need to manually empty the robot’s dustbin following each cleaning session.

What we do know about the R3-Prime and $699 R5-Pro, however, is that they offer fairly similar features. Each robot vacuum connects to LG’s ThinQ smart home app, letting you map the cleaning area and use your phone as a remote control. They both have four different suction power levels, but it’s not clear how powerful these are in relation to other robot vacuums. According to the product listing on The Good Guys, the published suction power for both is 2700pa, putting the LG devices on a similar footing to the Ecovacs Deebot Neo sold through Aldi.

As for the main differences between LG’s new models, the R5-Pro has a slightly larger battery capacity (3000mAh) compared to the R3-Prime (2500mAh). Other than the battery, the R5-Pro also has a 360-degree LiDAR sensor, while the cheaper model doesn’t. In practice, this should equate to better navigation and obstacle avoidance.

LG R3-Prime and R5-Pro availability

Out now via LG’s website and tech retailers, the R3-Prime costs $499, and the R5-Pro costs $699. Both new robot vacuums also support Google Home and Alexa voice commands, slotting into your existing smart home ecosystem.

We’ll update you once we find out more about the empty station-inclusive R5T-Auto model.

LG R5T-Auto robot vacuum with docking station
Details about the LG R5T-Auto are to be confirmed.

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