Big 15-channel LG S95TR soundbar coming in 2024

LG soundbar range CES 2024
Image: LG.
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LG has revealed its new range of soundbars that’ll be on display at CES 2024, including the flagship 15-channel 810W S95TR model.

Prior to the massive trade show taking place in January 2024, the well-known home entertainment brand showed off three soundbar models in total. Alongside the S95TR are the SG10TY and S70TY soundbars designed to boost your TV’s audio. All three models support Dolby Atmos and DTS:X technology.

CES is the place to be for major tech companies unveiling audiovisual devices. It’s where LG revealed 2023’s TVs and soundbars, including the premium C3 OLED and G3 OLED TVs. Other than the expected big-ticket items, LG will also introduce attendees to several portable speakers and earbuds.

LG S95TR soundbar leads the way

Leading the pack of soundbars is the LG S95TR, which looks to be the brand’s flagship model for 2024. Of its 15 channels, five are up-firing, which is an important part of faithfully producing Dolby Atmos audio. It means that you should get audio from more angles, including above you, than older surround sound technology supports.

It’s shaping up to replace the LG S95QR from 2022, which shares plenty in common with the upcoming model. Both have 15 channels in total and an 810W power output. The main difference is that the S95TR has five up-firing channels compared to the older model’s three.

LG S95TR soundbar
The LG S95TR soundbar is shaping up to take the place of the 2022 S95QR model. Image: LG.

In its announcement materials, LG noted that the S95TR houses improved tweeters to help produce a clearer sound. There’s also mention of the soundbar’s passive radiator that deals with bass and balancing the audio between the main unit and subwoofers.

Up next is the LG SG10TY, made to pair seamlessly with the brand’s OLED TV range. The big selling point here is the wireless design and Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you stream music to the device at a high-quality level. LG then positions the S70TY soundbar as a model to be paired with its QNED TVs.

Each upcoming soundbar supports LG’s WOW Orchestra technology, which pairs the speakers with the TV’s audio output for more audio channels. Both the S95TR and SG10TY models also benefit from WOWCAST, letting them connect wirelessly to LG TVs for a cable-free experience.

There’s also an update coming in 2024 to the LG AI Room Calibration technology. In addition to analysing a room and optimising the sound system’s settings accordingly, it now calibrates rear surround speakers.

New LG speakers and Tone Free earbuds

Adding to the CES 2024 reveals, LG unveiled the Tone Free T90S earbuds, an upgrade of the 2023 model. It’s said to improve on the previous iteration’s Dolby Head Tracking and active noise cancelling features.

It also continues the nifty feature where you can plug into wired audio sources and listen wirelessly. Its charging case doubles as a Bluetooth transmitter, so you can plug in via a USB-C-to-AUX cable and use the earbuds as if you were using a Bluetooth-enabled device.

LG also prepped CES 2024 attendees for the XO2 portable speaker. Not much else is known about it yet, other than it being a 360-degree speaker in the vein of the LG XBOOM 360. It comes with a 20-hour battery and an IP55 rating, so it should survive water splashes when used as a poolside speaker.

Specific details about all of LG’s audio devices, like price and availability, are still under wraps. We’ll likely learn more once CES 2024 rolls around early next year.

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