LG’s new washing machines are its most efficient yet

LG Series 9 front load washing machine 2023

Want to save on energy and water costs? The new front load LG Series 9 washing machine models could help you do just that.

There are three new models to choose from, including a 9kg (WV9-1609B) machine, plus two 10kg (WV9-1610B, and WV9-1610W) versions. Each one carries a five-star Energy and WELS Water rating, equating to reduced energy and water consumption.

Under the Australian Energy Rating system, the more stars, the more efficient an appliance is compared to like-for-like products. Likewise, the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme assigns star ratings based on an appliance’s water consumption rate.

At the time of writing, LG’s new machines are among the most water-efficient of all registered appliances in Australia, as seen on the WELS database. On the Energy Rating database, the washers’ five-star rating is consistent with many other popular brands. Only one washing machine has a higher rating of 5.5: the AW6T-11025 model from Swiss company V-Zug.

New LG Series 9 washing machine features

Aside from these being the first LG washing machines to have both a five-star energy and water rating, they also sport several features the brand is known for. One such example is Turbo Clean 360, a cleaning mode that uses the machines’ four water jets in tandem to wash a slightly dirty 5kg load in just 39 minutes. It sounds like a helpful feature for getting through more laundry in less time. Unless your clothes are caked in mud, that is.

Another convenient feature is the ability to pause a wash before the spin cycle starts, letting you add more items if you forget something. If you find a stray sock just after starting a load of washing (guilty as charged), there’s no need to wait for the next wash if you’re quick enough.

Like the Series 10 WV10-1412B model, the new Series 9 washing machines contain helpful smart features to help with your laundry. Each model uses AI technology to automatically weigh the washing load and detect the fabric’s softness to then choose the best wash cycle. By communicating with the machine’s Direct Drive Motor, it’s meant to thoroughly wash your clothes and preserve the fabric as best it can.

Plus, you can connect the machines to the LG ThinQ app, the brand’s hub for all things smart home technology. Here, you’re able to remotely set washes or monitor in-progress loads via your phone, a convenient feature to have. The app also provides additional information including energy and water consumption data, and can even update your machine with new wash cycles.

Available now in stores and online, the WV9-1609B and WV9-1610B come in a black steel finish, starting from $1,399. Out next month, the WV9-1610W features a more traditional white finish.


ModelWV9-1609B WV9-1610B WV9-1610W 
Capacity9kg 10kg 10kg 
RPM1600rpm 1600rpm 1600rpm 
Series Series 9 Series 9 Series 9 
Water Rating (Prelim) 
Energy Star Rating (Prelim) 
Gross Product Dimensions WxHxD 600x565x850 600x565x850 600x565x850 
Packing Dimensions WxHxD 660x660x890 660x660x890 660x660x890 
Weight Nett/Packing 70 / 74 70 / 74 70 / 74 
Size of Tub(drum) 24 inch 24 inch 24 inch 
Colour Black Steel Black Steel White 
Price (RRP)$1,399TBCTBC

For added peace of mind, all models come with a 10-year parts warranty. If you’re in the market for an energy and water-efficient washing machine, these new Series 9 front loaders might be worth adding to your list.

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