LG set to encircle square smartwatches during IFA

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Square watches not your cup of tea? We get it. It’s just more clock like. Motorola gets it too, but with the 360 not likely here for a while, we could see LG come full circle with this shape soon too.

This news comes straight from international tech site Engadget, which found the clip on LG’s YouTube site, and has since gone active, giving the world a preview of its circular G Watch.

There’s not much to be seen, though: animation of a square shifting to a circle and some examples of some watches that could display on the LG watch appearing in a flash of video editing, as seen below.

If that’s too fast for you, we’ve cut some of the watch faces out in an image below, and given that there’s a full circle to work with, we’re immediately intrigued.

While Motorola’s upcoming 360 promises a circular watch design, we’ve since seen that the screen wouldn’t fit the full circle shape, with a section at the bottom cut off, almost like there was a slight rectangular strip directly across where the circle would normally end.

Regardless, we were still intrigued by Motorola’s 360, since it promises a wearable more like a traditional circular watch. Now, with LG putting its hand and wrist in the ring (pun intended), we may have something else to look forward to, which can only mean Samsung will be along with something similar of its own shortly.

We’ll let you know more when we find out next week at IFA in Germany, where all is expected to be unveiled.