LG Signature Wine Cellar – 65 bottles of wine on the wall, 64 bottles of wine…

LG Signature Wine Cellar

If you are an oenophile or just like to store your wine properly and have a lazy $9,187, the LG Signature Wine Cellar is for you.

In reality, it is a perfect wine storage cabinet and has fridge/freezer draws as well. Given that it is damned heavy and quite large, 1753 (H) x 700 (W) x 735/1300 mm (D/Open door), we really can’t get a review unit here.

We have had a good look at LG Signature Wine Cellar

  • The top wine compartment has InstaView ‘knock-knock’ see-through door
  • Voice assistance via the ThinQ app.
  • Auto door opening sensor with vibration control
  • Red wine top shelf 11-18° temperature range for 16 bottles
  • White wine middle shelf 5-11° 3 x 9 bottles – 27 total
  • Champagne lower shelf 5-8° – 6 bottles or 16 white
  • Australian model works from 10-43°C external ambient temperature range
  • Fridge draw works between 1-7° and is suitable for meat, fish and cheeses (as well as most fridge items) or can be a freezer draw
  • Freezer drawer works from 15-25°with auto-lift or can be a fridge drawer
  • 24-month warranty
  • From Harvey Norman and Good Guys
  • Price: $9187
  • Website here
  • Manual here  

GadgetGuy’s take

I was a wine snob. Many moons ago, and had a 130 bottle multi-zone wine cabinet that cost about $4000. Moving from Queensland to NSW and downsizing, it was easier to let my son keep it – and I regret that every day. He won’t even consider giving it back.

Now 65 bottles may not seem a lot, but wine lovers (not wine snobs) have a few prized bottles (probably with corks) and want to drink a 15-20-year-old red on special occasions. This is the device for that. The added flexibility of two fridge/freezer draws is icing on the cake.

This is on my bucket list.