LG SolarDOM Light Wave Oven – oven taste at microwave speed

With the festive season and Christmas just around the corner, LG has a new appliance to encourage you to move outside and enjoy the fresh, summer evenings with the convenience provided by the SolarDOM Light Wave Oven – a three-in-one countertop cooking appliance that helps you cook fast and tasty meals without spending hours in the kitchen.

This oven, grill and microwave unit allows cooks to achieve the rich taste provided by a conventional oven, except at the lighting speed of a conventional microwave. This means that cooking time is reduced and thanks to the high temperature, moisture and nutrients are contained within the food resulting in nutritious, tender and juicy meals.

The compact light wave oven utilises light waves created by a combination of different type of heaters – Halogen, Sheath and Ceramic, each with different heating depth ensuring that food is cooked evenly. Heat is circulated more efficiently because of the round cavity and the light reflector, which concentrates light waves on the food. Using Halogen heating, generates heat quicker, therefore eliminating the need for preheating.

The SolarDOM (model number MP-9483SLA) also includes the following features:

  • 34L capacity: Large capacity to cater for unexpected guests or dinner parties
  • 3-in-1 cooking appliance: Combining three cooking functions (oven, grill and microwave) for quick and tasty cooking
  • Five speed combis: For better cooking control
  • Round cavity: For easy cleaning

Price and availability

The LG SolarDOM is available nationally, at an RRP of $1,249.

Source: LG Electronics Australia